Seller FAQs

Freelance service providers post online music promotion and music production services that they can deliver online. They set the terms, provide samples and indicate what formats, files, and details they require to complete the job. The buyer secures the purchase through paypal. The service provider delivers the completed work by the delivery due date. The buyer reviews and approves or rejects the delivered work. Once an order is successfully completed Music-Outsource release funds to the service provider.

Buyers pay Music-Outsource for orders ahead of time. When the request is made and started, venders must satisfy their requests as depicted in their Gig description. They must convey finished records and additionally confirmation of work utilizing the Deliver Your order button (situated on the Order page).

When work is delivered, the purchaser has three days to react and post a survey (or 14 days for gigs with delivery). If no reaction is given inside the reaction time, the request will be viewed as finished. After the request is set apart as complete, you need to hold up 14 days to take out your funds.

You can buy Gigs with your cleared income in the event that you have enough funds expected to finish the entire purchase. Remember, in situations where the Gig costs more than your cleared income, you can not part the buy between your income and one of Music-Outsource installment suppliers (for example charge card, PayPal, and so on, etc. Be that as it may, you can buy a Gig with your income, and if necessary, include Gig Additional items before the request winds up dynamic with one of Music-Outsource installment suppliers.

If you’ve forgotten your password, simply return to Music-Outsource and snap Sign In > Forgot Password. Enter the email used to sign in to your account. A password reset email will then be sent to that address if the email matches up with the account.

It is the sole duty regarding sellers to check their own tax obligation, report, and lawfully pay taxes as per the instructions of the state or potentially nation where they reside, as established by local law and guidelines.

A little green circle demonstrates the Online Status alongside the username, which allows you to see that the client is as of now signed in to Music-Outsource site or mobile app.

The online user status is evident on different pages; for example, the Profile, Conversations, and Gig pages. When on the Category, Subcategory, or advanced search pages, you can winnow down the marketplace results according to as indicated by clients who are on the web.

Withdrawals are permanent and can’t be reversed. We won’t have the option to discount or change this procedure once it has started.

If a withdrawal is marked unclaimed on your PayPal account, at that point, you should check the email address you sent the withdrawal to via PayPal. When a withdrawal is started, it can’t be stopped, as expressed in our Terms of Administration.

Sellers can’t contact new purchasers. The best way to speak with a purchaser is if a request is started, a “Discussion” thread is made, and you will have the option to speak with the purchaser. You may likewise contact the purchaser if the purchaser gets in touch with you first.

Note: In the event that you recently finished a request for a purchaser, you can get to My Contacts to contact purchasers. My Contacts empowers you to stay in contact with Music-Outsource clients you have associated with previously. Your contact records show essential communications among you and your contact, the number of finished requests, the sum spent, when the last request was made, and a connection to your Inbox discussion.

Consider the possibility that my file or delivery upload fails?

Uploading files can once in a while, not work properly for different reasons. In some cases, a Gig photograph basically wouldn’t like to upload.

Ensure you check the below options before requesting further help:
Ensure your Flash is a recent version on your PC. Flash typically refreshes consequently for most current programs (Chrome, Firefox) yet may at present have restrictions in older variants of certain browsers (Internet Explorer).
Be sure to switch off pop up blockers for Music-Outsource.com or permit transfers/downloads through your Anti-Virus/Firewall defender from Music-Outsource.com

Ensure your picture is a JPEG or PNG.

Clear all cookies for Music-Outsource.com — once in a while cookies can clutch a “session,” where your program believes it is still loading a visual file. Reviving your page helps clear the session, yet as a rule, clearing your treats makes a difference.

Orders can not be partially cancelled or refunded. After an order is placed and there is a need to partially cancel/refund your buyer, we suggest that you ask your buyer to place a new order. Once that new order is created and then marked as complete, you can cancel the original order..

To deactivate your account:
1. Once signed in, click your profile picture, and afterward click Settings > Record.
2. In the ACCOUNT DEACTIVATION segment, select an explanation starting from the drop list.
3. Click Deactivate Account.
4. You will get a message demonstrating that your Music-Outsource record is no longer active.

NOTE:If you have funds remaining in your account, you should pull back these funds before deactivating them. If you intend to close your account and open another one, you can’t utilize a similar email address as the past account

Buyer FAQs

Yes, we don’t share your information, and your purchase is protected through PayPal “verified” When you pay for a service, your money does NOT go to the freelancer doing your work straight away. Music-Outsource holds the payment until you are 100% satisfied with the job.

Currently, you can purchase Gigs via your Paypal account.

To change the notifications you receive from us, go to the Menu section, click on “Settings,” scroll down to the Notifications area and enable or disable what you would like to receive from the Music-Outsource App. These settings are also reflected on the full site.

In short, NO. Buyers pay Music-Outsource for orders ahead of time. You may not pay different clients directly utilizing any other website or platform other than requesting through the Music-Outsource website. If a seller asks you to pay them by any other means other than musicoutsource.com Please report it directly to customer support.

This means that the seller is not currently accepting new orders. On a Seller’s Profile page/Seller’s Gig page, you can check until which date the seller is Out of Office and perform one of the accompanying activities:
Send a Seller a message by clicking the Contact button.
Note: This option is only available if a seller chooses to allow it.
Click Here to be notified when the seller’s time off is over. You will receive an email when the seller is back.

Payments may be declined for several reasons. If your payment was declined, please review the following:

⦁    Make sure you entered the payment details correctly.

⦁    Check to see that your credit/debit card is valid and not expired.

⦁    Make sure you have available funds on your card.

⦁    Generally, the payment source has more information than we do as to why your payment was declined. Therefore, we recommend checking with your bank or PayPal.

⦁    If you still have issues with your payment, try using a different payment option (i.e., if you are using PayPal, you should consider using your credit card).

⦁    If you still have issues completing your order, you can contact Customer Support.

Your Music-Outsource  Balance reflects the funds you have in your account. There are three different types of funds that may appear in your Music-Outsource  Balance.

Earnings – Any funds you earned from completing orders.

Reimbursements – Any funds that were credited back to your account for canceled orders.

Your Music-Outsource  Credits reflect funds you were rewarded by Music-Outsource, such as through the Music-Outsource  Referral program. You can use Music-Outsource Credits only on Music-Outsource to buy services. Unlike your Music-Outsource  Balance, your credits have an expiration date and are non-refundable.

When available, your Music-Outsource  Credits will be charged first when placing a new order.

You can only withdraw money from your Music-Outsource account if you are a seller and have earned revenue through Music-Outsource. Income earned through Music-Outsource is deposited to your sales balance and is available for withdrawal after the Music-Outsource clearance period.

If you made a purchase as a buyer and received a refund, it will appear in your shopping balance for use on another purchase of equal or less than the amount.

At times, payments may not immediately create an order. Causes of this issue are related to pre-screening transactions from your payment processor or bank before the funds are released to Music-Outsource or if there is a technical issue with the payment processor sending those funds to Music-Outsource.

If this happens, please create a request to our Customer Support team with the following helpful information:

Your Paypal transaction ID from your purchase

– Paypal payments commonly are alphanumeric strings following a hashtag (#123ABC456DEF)

– Paypal receipts can be beneficial, as well.

Note: Transaction IDs are found in your receipt email.

The Gig title or Seller name you purchased from

The total purchase amount

Customer Support can attempt to restore the order with the payment provided, or refund those payments back to the payment provider if we’re unable to do so.

Commercial Use is when a buyer intends to use the delivered work for anything business-related, designed for profit. License Details.

On the Gig Edit page, under the Upgrade section, the seller can activate the Commercial Use extra and set the desired price for the extra.

Based on the Gig’s performance, Music-Outsource will recommend a minimum price to charge.

Once activated, the Commercial Use extra will be added to the extras section on the Gig page.

Buyers can order the Gig with the license extra, or add it at a later stage during the order process. If the buyer ordered the Gig without buying the extra, the buyer would be notified and asked to add it to the delivery.

Ownership and limitations: Unless clearly stated otherwise in the Gig description text, when the work is delivered, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work produced from the seller and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein. All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the buyer shall be subject to full payment for the Gig. For more information about ownership of materials, please see our Terms of Service “Ownership” section here.

When receiving messages, you have the option to download the attached files. Also, when accepting deliveries from the seller, you can download the delivered files.

If you are experiencing issues with downloading files to your computer, follow these steps:

Review your browser extensions (i.e., additional features for your web browser).

Review if you have any firewall or antivirus software that prevents downloads.

Clear browser cache/cookies (i.e., temporary files in your browser).

Verify that Adobe Flash is updated to the latest version.

Verify whether or not you have a pop-up blocker enabled. If so, disable it for Music-Outsource.com

Once you’ve verified the steps, go to your order page and click the file or link provided in the delivery message

If you have an issue with an order, you can use the Resolution Center to assist you. We recommend using the Resolution Center to work things out with your seller before contacting Customer Support.

To access the Resolution Center:

Once logged in, within an order, click Visit the Resolution Center.

Note: You can also click the three dots to the top right of the order and select Resolve an Issue.

Select what you would like to do with this order and click Continue.

The following choices are available:

– Extend the delivery time: You can extend the delivery time. Select the number of days you would like to add to your delivery time and explain why.

– Ask the seller to provide a progress update for this order: You can ask your seller to respond and let you know the status of your order.

– Ask the seller to cancel this order: You can ask your seller to cancel the order. Explain why you would like to cancel this order.


– The choices may vary depending on the issue you select.

– After you choose what you would like to do, select the reason, and continue.

If you asked the seller to cancel the order, explain why and then click Send.

Your comments have been submitted and sent to your seller. They will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline. You can view your open dispute within the order page.

To order a Gig, go to a seller’s Gig page and click the Proceed to Order button and, if available, select the package you wish to buy. On the Order Details page, you will be able to add extras to your purchase (if offered), choose multiple units of the Gig, or select the account from which to buy (if you are a member of a Team Account).

Note: If you have any questions about the Gig, you can contact the seller with the link provided on the Gig page

When a seller delivers your order, you will see a watermark on the image preview. After you accept your delivery, you will be able to download the original image. This is set up to protect the seller’s work.