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I will promote your Spotify track to thousands of music fans in...
fixed Rate 25.00 USD
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Radio Music Promotion
fixed Rate 25.00 USD
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I will write you an awesome band press release.
fixed Rate 65.00 USD
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I will give you 100% Organic Soundcloud Promotion
fixed Rate 25.00 USD
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I will write you an awesome band biography
fixed Rate 65.00 USD
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Professional Live Drum Recordings and Sessions
5.0 (3)
fixed Rate 174.00 USD
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I Will Professionally Mix Your Song (Multitrack)
fixed Rate 149.00 USD
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Session Drummer CREDITS: = Carlos Santana, Billy Joel Aretha...
fixed Rate 199.00 USD
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I Will Professionally Master Your Song
fixed Rate 99.00 USD
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I Will Professionally Edit Your Drums and Percussion
fixed Rate 99.00 USD
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I Will Provide Online Drum Lessons
fixed Rate 75.00 USD
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I Will Edit Your Drum Tracks and/or Vocals.
fixed Rate 80.00 USD
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